Slate or convertible?


Rob Bushway is a Tablet PC MVP who owns Zoe Technologies and spends a lot of time on Tablet PC Buzz, one of the best websites around for Tablet PC info.  Rob also has a blog and he wrote something recently that fits in with what I’ve been saying.  Rob is getting rid of his Toshiba M200 convertible.  Before you get all excited you should read his reason, which is that he has rediscovered the slate.  I agree, slate’s the way to go for real tableteers.



Just for the record – LG is also making a great device – the LT-20.

Read a review about it here:

There are only 2 downsides:

1.) It’s not available in the States (no compete agreement with IBM according to some LG guy)

2.) The version that’s available in Canada is far from a powerhorse…

Still, looks like a great device.


XDS, thanks for the input. No – I haven’t used any tablet at all but I think coding (which will be my primary use besides using the tablet for studying) is most probably impossible without a keyboard.

Plus there are a few other factors that make the M1400 seem uninteresting to me

1.) Harddisk size is a serious matter. If I shell out that much money – I don’t want to have to pay even more to get what I want.

2.) 512mb RAM – I want 1 GB at least

And overall – the M1400 is much more expensive compared to the C303 which offers more bang for the buck.


Kay, have you had the opportunity to use a laptop with the 1.1ghz processor? I think you’d be amazed at it’s speed, especially if you’re used to the clock ratings of the older P4 desktop systems. I don’t code, but I started with a convertible and dumped it within a month for a slate. All the convertibles I’ve seen are just too bulky for carrying around on your arm all day.

At the desk, I just use a dock with a full sized keyboard/mouse/monitor. I even ditched my desktop machine and now live solely off of my Motion M1400.


Oh well, a dream tablet for me would have 14″, 1gb RAM, 64 mb RAM dedicated and the option to disconnect the screen and turn it into a slate when I wish.

CPU must not be slower than 1.6Ghz and HD should at least have 80gb but then again … the only chance you can get such a tablet is to void your warranty and buy ho’s slate/convertible and modify it to your liking…

No options thus…


I think the needs of a coder are totally different than the rest of us. If I did any programming at all I would definitely go convertible as you will need the keyboard. The Tablet TIP can’t handle the weird programming tags well at all (and I wouldn’t expect it to). For me personally I would want a smaller slate anyway as I want it to be mobile.


I’m wondering. I’m going to buy a Tablet sometime soon and was leaning to the C303XMi from Acer strongly but all you guys make me doubt it’s the best way to go.

I think the 14″ would be great, especially for graphics and coding. Since I’d only use it for drawing, not animating 64mb shared would work fine. 1gb RAM is a nice addon, 80 gigs an acceptable solution.

But then again – I haven’t found any slate that has 1.6 / 1.7Ghz and 80gigs standard, nor 1 RAM…

Kevin C. Tofel

I’ve only had my M205 for a few weeks, so it’s too early to tell if I agree with Rob or not. So far, I like the convertible nature of the M, but when I originally researched tablets, I gravitated towards pure slates from Fujitsu & others. With just barely a month of tablet use, I’m thinking that the ‘vertible factor is good for those making the transition to tablets; perhaps after a year, I’ll do what Rob is doing now.

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