Running Mac OS X on a Pocket PC


A Pocket PC enthusiast in Austria installed a VNC client on his PowerBook at home and his Loox 720 VGA Pocket PC and can now run his Mac OS X computer from anywhere in the world.  I don’t know how fast this is but it sure looks cool to see OS X running in landscape on a Pocket PC.

(Wired News via Mike Cane)




This is so awesome. But I highly doubt its worth running, cuz its probs gonna be slow. But whatever, I love that!


That’s cool, Bill. Throw in EVDO or EDGE into the mix and your connectivity will be everywhere, even without a WiFi hotspot.

Bill Kervaski

Yea, I’ve done this same thing with Debian GNU/Linux 3.1 and VNC with my OQO.

Works well and I can access my linux apps on the road. I setup tightVNC as a xinetd daemon, in essense converting one of my Linux workstations into a multi-user terminal server.

Actually, remote connectivity has never been better. Everybody has broadband these days. I can access my WinXP and my Linux workstations from the road and I pay $65.00 for DSL with static IP’s and a 3MB connection.

Hell, five years ago this was unheard of.

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