jkOnTheRun on Alexa

jkOnTheRun is a TypePad blog which means it is on the blogs.com network.  I don’t know how many blogs there are total on TypePad but from what I’ve seen it’s a whole lot of blogs.  I was messing around on Alexa today trying to see if I could get the Alexa ranking for jkOTR.  I wasn’t able to get it since Alexa seems to lump all blogs on blogs.com into one traffic number but I did find something that blew me away.  According to Alexa’s numbers (and I have no idea how accurate they are) jkOTR is the fifth most visited site on all of blogs.com!  It also shows jkOTR traffic to account for 2% of all blogs.com traffic.  Wow!  This just blows my mind (not hard to do) so I’m going to go rest now.  Am I interpreting this correctly?



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