Tablet PC hep is no more


One of the most insightful people writing about the Tablet PC today is Iggy Kin.  I have referred to Iggy’s great blog Tablet PC hep! numerous times and it has been in my daily feed list for some time.  I was greatly saddened when I checked his RSS feed today as he has announced he is shutting down the Tablet PC hep! blog.  All is not dismal, however, as he has also launched his new blog Bootstrapped.  I look forward to seeing what Iggy has to say in his distinctive way.  Welcome back, Iggy!



Iggy, I am impressed with how your inked articles convey your entire thought process that went into it. You are onto something here! BTW, your handwriting is too nice- I hate you. :)


Thanks Marc, Thanks James for the very kind words, Never left, read as much, wrote less, went nuts trying to express myself with just text. Opening up my notes gives me a new and fun way to interact with blogosphere.
I am also content that tableting is now very successful and there’s nothing more energizing than starting a new thing. Again thanks and happy new year ;)

Marc Orchant

James: Thanks for “finding” Iggy for me! I wondered what had become of him. The new blog is a decidedly different approach. It’ll be interesting to see how he develops this new “inky” blog.

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