EFF will not defend Think Secret against Apple suit


The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is defending two sites (AppleInsider.com and PowerPage.org) that Apple is trying to subpoena to reveal sources for rumor information they published, but has announced they will not defend the rumor site Think Secret.  The EFF stated they are not defending the 19 year old Harvard student Nicholas Ciarelli and his web site because he has been actually sued by Apple.  It seems to me that if anyone needs help from the EFF it is this kid who is simply being sued to coerce him to reveal the sources for leaked information.  This law suit will be very important in deciding if bloggers are protected by the First Amendment like mainstream journalists and I can’t help but think that the EFF is missing their calling in choosing not to defend Think Secret.

"In addition to being subpoenaed for sources, he’s being directly sued for trade secret misappropriation," said Kurt Opsahl, a staff attorney with the organization. "We’re trying to find him counsel."

(via The Houston Chronicle)

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