Dunkin’ Donuts Does WiFI?


Dunkin Donuts, which makes great coffee, is now taking a page out of Starbucks strategy and experimenting with fizzy coffee and wifi in some parts of the country. Its a shame we can’t find their coffee in San Francisco that easily, for I was addicted to that.

Dunkin’ Donuts is experimenting with WiFi access in a few Chicago shops and considering music in more of its stores — two features of Starbucks outlets. But although its espresso launch has boosted its competitive position against Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts says it is content to maintain its distance from the upscale Seattle coffee giant and stick to its workaday, on-the-go niche.

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Om Malik

Well, they sell junk food, and great coffee. I am all for that. Have your tried their jelly filled donut… yum!

Esme Vos

Dunkin’ Donuts serves very unhealthy food (except for coffee which I consider healthy). I would never go there unless really desperate for a Wi-Fi connection and even then, I would order only coffee, not that sugary, fattening junk that’s made them a billion dollar business.

Om Malik

I agree with you: DD has the best regular coffee. I haven’t heard coffee like this out on the west coast, but there’s nothing better than a large (none of this silly “venti” nomenclature) “light, sweet”.

As to the wifi business: do nutrition conscious adults really want to hang-out at a Dunkin’ Donuts with the cruellers calling out?

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