Apple In Ear Headphones


A quick note on Apple’s In Ear Headphones, many people have bought them and quickly came to the conclusion that they were horrifically bad.
However, the secret is that you just have to shove these things right IN your ears (not too far, I’m not trying to cause any injuries here). Once the malleable plastic is close to airtight inside your ears, the sound should bounce around in there and cause the sound quality to rise dramatically. Good luck, and try not to injure your ears :-)

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I’ve been using it for two years, no problem and the sound it great.


I was about to give up on mine until I realized that you almost need to “pivot” them into your ears. Or at least mine.

You have to realize that nobody’s ears are the same. In fact, I have to wear the medium cover in the Left ear and the large on in the Right. Once I figured that out, I get pretty decent bass and they stay in as long as I don’t snag the cord.

This kind of bothers me. But that’s just my hang up with symmetry.


While the sound is good, yes I knew how to squeeze them in proper. Then they still kinda suck as neither of the 3 sizes sit properly in my ears, they fall out with just a windblow.

I blame it on the cone shape… and I hope it’s not just me, suffering from this problem ;)

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