iGO EverywherePower reviewed by The Gadgeteer


Everywherepower_dualpowerRoad warriors will tell you that keeping all the gadgets charged is always a hassle with all the different power adapters that must be carried.  Cell phones, PDAs and laptops keep the travel kit full and heavy, and sometimes finding electrical outlets for all the chargers is difficult.  The iGo Juice has long been a favorite of mobile users with its iTips and the ability to provide power to a lot of different devices.  The iGo AnywherePower is a smaller adapter that has the ability to charge two devices at the same time and offer power in the car and on planes.  A good review of this gadget is available on The Gadgeteer and they love thei iGo.  If power is your problem then give it a read.

(via Mike Cane)

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