Blinkx does TV


Blinkx is getting really serious about its video search and has signed up the BBC, ITV, Sky and Fox and will basically allow the massive archives from these companies to become searchable. “This is basically turning the computer into a really, really big video recorder with thousands of programmes you can search and watch at any time,” Suranga Chandratillake, the British co-founder of Blinkx told The Evening Standard in UK. “This could do for television what Google did for the web.”James Enck poses an interesting question: “Looks like the TV industry is warming up to internet distribution models, though, bear that I am, I have to question whether this will generate incremental viewing, or in the case of subscription services like Sky, will mark an incremental step towards pushing viewers away from the core TV offering.” Martin Geddes who despises television like most sane people (I am not one of them!) goes one step further: “Cool people don’t watch TV. Giving TV to young kids will be like smoking during pregnancy. It happens, but it’s shameful. Anyway, British kids are too busy taking real narcotics and shoplifting to have time for TV. Video killed the radio star, but the Internet won’t kill the video star. Fashion will.”


B. Rintoul

It’s long been a dream of mine to be able to easily locate a particularly vicious hit in an American football game to watch again – this may be possible soon than I imagined…!?

Callum Bennett

the video smartfolder option allows you to do just that. You press the smartfolder button then any new clips on that usbject appear on your pc..pretty cool…I think its PC only

Jonathan Greene

If they added RSS to the search queries, you could easily pull clips through a bit torrent client like Azureus (through the RSS plugin) which could poll automatically for certain events or terms.

Beats the heck out of a clipping service for tracking news on a story or event…

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