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Where’d My Hard Drive Space Go?

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Here’s a software quickie for everyone.

If you’ve ever looked at your hard drive and wondered, “where the heck did all my gigabytes go?” then JDiskReport is just what you need.

It’s a freeware java app (that’s actually available on OS X & Windows) that gives you a very detailed view of where your hard drive space is going. It scans your system – or any directory you specify – and presents the results in an easily readable pie chart. It even breaks down the file types in each dir with the percentage of space each is eating up.

This app is awesome for any periodic cleaning of your files you may do (or may NEED to do).

14 Responses to “Where’d My Hard Drive Space Go?”

  1. I play a game called stick arena. you enter a username and password. All the usernames i’ve ever entered on my comp. can be seen on my ip. how can i see those acounts on my ip ??

  2. I was a Mac owner for 2 years, before I finally learned of this. Somehow I ahd mirrored my files and ate up my entire MacBook hard disk, before realizing that I had to run a tool to really delete files.

  3. A few programs that I may recommend are: 1) Defraggler, it is a freeware disk defragmenter that works better than Windows defragmenter. Very user friendly interface.
    2) As mentioned before, Ccleaner. It is also a freeware program developed by the same company as Defraggler. first time I used this I managed to clean up about 3G of useless garbage.
    3) This one I cannot be more thankful for. Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware. This is such a wonderful program for those who really don’t know what malware is. I 100% recommend getting this and doing a scan, it may surprise you what you might find lurking in you C drive.
    4) Since I said about everything else… Now for an Anti-Virus program. Might have heard of it, might not have. Avast! Anti-Virus, I use this and it is a very thorough scanner. It, like all those above, is free for personal use.

    I hope this helps people is cleaning up their PC’s, it sure did for me.
    Best regards and all that good stuff, Evan.

  4. hi, my name is carlo and i have some questions about my hard drive space. About 2 weeks ago i had a virus and did system recovery to my computer. i had 3gb of space before the recovery and 3gb after it. Even though i had the same amount of space i coudn’t find files i had before (ie. games). But when i am virus scanning i can see those files (i had before) but when i use the search the start menu it can’t locate those files. I even tried JdiskReport. It said i only used up 20.5 gb of space but when i look at my presario drive it says i have 3gb of space which i should have about 14gb cause the total drive space was 34gb. Please answer back and help me.