Sign the Mac Tablet petition

Mac fans have long been asking for Apple to produce a Mac Tablet to give them the same benefits and mobility that Tablet PC owners enjoy. The desire to see Apple produce a Tablet has even been evident here on jkOTR. I told you recently about one Mac lover who made his own tablet from an iBook computer and off the shelf components. A Mac tablet also made my wish list for 2005 for the innovation that Apple would bring to the genre coupled with the marketing savvy that Apple would leverage to finally inform consumers about the benefits a Tablet can provide the consumer.

It’s plain to me that a Mac Tablet would be a very good thing and I am obviously not alone as one Mac fan has put up a petition on the web to let others cast their vote.  The petition has been up about a week and already has received hundreds of responses.  If you love Macs and would like to see the appearance of an iTablet then sign the petition and let Steve Jobs know how you feel.  I strongly urge you to sign the petition even if you are not a Mac fan just to stimulate competition, which is a very good thing. One thing I am pretty certain of, you won’t see this petition mentioned by Scoble.  :)

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