Powerbook G5 as soon as Q2?


Digitimes has an article giving the timeline of the Apple hardware line. Apparently, Quanta Computer has signed a deal with Apple to begin shipping the new Powerbooks sometime in Q2. This would coincide nicely with WWDC. Oddly though, this comes after Apple describing a G5 Powerbook as, “the mother of all thermal challenges”. The article also speaks of possible G5 iBooks.


nick santilli

Yeah, I don’t see why they’d put the iBook’s at G5 level right off the bat. doesn’t make any sense.

As great as all this would be, I’m inclined to believe it was a typo more than anything. Hope I’m wrong though.


I can’t fathom Apple having iBooks and Powerbooks using the same chip if the Mac Mini is going to be G4. that’s just nuts.

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