PDF Annotator released

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Pdf_annotatorThe Tablet PC is a wonderful platform for annotating documents in ink.  You can add your notes, draw little diagrams and work that electronic document just like it was paper.  Adobe Acrobat would be the perfect place to ink up PDF documents but the program’s support for ink has been, well, less than stellar.  Grahl Software has decided to fix that problem with the release of PDF Annotator for the Tablet PC.  PDF Annotator provides an easy way to create PDFs (without Acrobat) and also add/ edit ink annotations to existing PDFs.  The program is a particularly good deal right now as you can pick it up for $23.92.  Excellent deal if you work with PDFs a lot.

(via Tablet PC Buzz)

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It’s a nice application. But it would be better if you could also add textboxes. also being able to rotate into objects would be a plus.

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