Mini Mac Your Car


The innovations and potential uses for the Mini Mac are running wild since it’s announcement earlier this week.

One of the more interesting ideas comes from car-modders. They’ve taken notice that the size of the Mini Mac makes it ideal for fitting into a DIN slot where your car stereo goes. Brings a whole new world to mobile audio and computing power.

Imagine putting a Mini Mac in your car and running your entire music collection off of it, through your car stereo. Many higher end car stereos run much higer than $499, so this may not be far fetched.
With 802.11g and Airport Exptreme, syncing your music collection to your car in your garage would be no problem – although a removable Mini Mac enclosure probably isn’t far-fetched either.
Attach a touch screen to the Mini Mac and have full access to everything – and even the iTunes visualizations while your music plays. Cool.

Then couple your EDGE & Bluetooth enabled cellphone to give your Mac Mini a mobile internet connection, and install some GPS software (or just use [the aging] Sherlock app), and wahlah! Instant real-time in-car navigation system.

I think the possibilities are gonna just explode with the Mac Mini in the hands of the mad scientists out there. I ain’t no jean-yus, but my mind’s already going in a million directions with the things I could do with this tiny computer.

Jonas Salling (of Salling Clicker fame) kindly reminded me of the ability to control your OS X system via BT cell phone using Salling Clicker. Even provided some fun pictures to demonstrate the capability.
If you haven’t heard of Salling Clicker, and you have a Bluetooth cell phone, definitely check it out! (and no, I’m getting nothing out of mentioning this app, but the happiness of enlightening all of you.)


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