Some Shameless Self Promotion

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Okay permit me to indulge in some naked shameless self promotion. I am being quoted by The Daily Camera on Level 3 lay-offs. The story is behind a curtain so it might be difficult to access without registration. Here is essentially what I said:

Om Malik, who also contributes to a blog on VoIP and writes for Business 2.0, said Wednesday’s announcement was a “smart move” to cut costs and keep afloat until the demand for VoIP blossoms. “When that comes, I don’t know. It could be 2005, 2006,” Malik said. “I would say it’s going to be later than sooner.”

In addition, Wired’s Adam Penenberg, a friend from days talked to me about what he calls, the heartaches of journalist bloggers.

Om Malik, a senior writer at Business 2.0, pens two online columns a month, as well as contributing features to the magazine, while operating a blog on broadband that attracts 350,000 unique visitors a month. But it’s his day job that pays the bills. “My first commitment is to my publisher, my magazine,” said Malik, who is also the author of Broadbandits: Inside the $750 Billion Telecom Heist.

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Jim Johnston

Congrats on the coverage. As far as Level 3 goes, it doesn’t surprise me. We tried to engage them for a 25K seat enterprise IP telephony project and couldn’t even get a return phone call from both voice and web requests. When will these telecom survivors “get it”?

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