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Orange joins forces with EMI Music UK to offer official true tones and Fireplayer tracks

EMI Music UK has signed an agreement with Orange to sell its customers “official true tones of EMI Music UK’s artists including Kylie, Robbie Williams, Blue and Joss Stone, as well as Fireplayer remixable true tones from the likes of Kelis, Gorillaz and Richard X. The award winning Fireplayer service lets you download music tracks by your favourite artists and remix them on your phone. You can put down some echo, bring up the bass, add sound effects and loops -make them sound fresh, funky, and just how you want them to. Then you can save your remixed tracks and use them as unique true tone ringtones.” While the Fireplayer service will be popular among many people, the price of 3.50 pounds per download is a bit steep.