New PenOffice version


PenOffice 2.6, handwriting recognition software for Microsoft Windows Powered Tablet and Desktop PCs, has been released and is available for immediate download and/or purchase. PenOffice is based on the award-winning CalliGrapher handwriting recognition technology and can be used as a stand-alone product as well as in conjunction with PhatWare’s PhatPad. In addition to handwriting recognition, PenOffice includes Microsoft Word document markup, on-screen drawing, ScratchPads with email support, and PenCommander. PenOffice can be used on any Tablet or Desktop PC with touch screen, mouse pen, or any other input device which emulates computer mouse.

New features in PenOffice 2.6

1. New customizable 24-key keyboard and full keyboard with 13 predefined layouts.

2. Improved quality of handwriting recognition with new Auto Corrector feature.

3. Support for multi-monitor systems *

4. Swedish handwriting recognition support (Multilingual Edition only)

5. Improved PenCommander

* At this time PenOffice does not support monitors with negative coordinates.

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