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PC users like PCs. They enjoy using them, building them, tweaking them. Some may even develop a special liking for a certain machine. Mac users on the other hand, love Macs. We feel a connection to every peice of hardware and software. It speaks to us, becomes a part of us. Our own machines become our sidekicks, our best friends. Other machines are instant friends. This fact is a testement to the way Apple works as a company, and the kind of products they make. Apple focuses on us, the user. Everything is tweaked and tested and re-designed until it is truly a beautiful peice of art. From the ease of use of OS X, to the “heart beat” every machine shows when it sleeps, Macs are more human than PCs can ever be. It is our dedication to our machines, and Apples dedication to providing quality products that makes this relationship work. Many of a mac lovers worst and best moments involve their machines. Be it a first experiance with your mac, or the horrible sight of seeing your PowerBook drop to the ground, macs allways have a special place in our hearts. This love drives us, and drives this blog. It is a huge part of out lives, and we couldn’t ask for anything more.



Hello, I have 33 years old and I started “playing” with PCs about 2 decades ago with a Sinclair xxx88 or something I cant really remember now.
Since then, I have been using pcs, and I did had a lot of different ones. I still work with a PC at my office, but I now own 2 macs. A laptop and a new 27″ iMac.

Since early, i used my computers for graphic design, arquitecture, 3D modeling, photography, etc. I also played a lot of games too.

What I can tell is, I had a lot of problems on my pcs. The worse was this Targa 2000 video editing card that costed me BIG money. And, 1 year after, I had to put it aside, just because there were no drivers for XP.
After hundred of hardware problems, drivers failing, errors, viroses and trojans, I finally decided to get a Mac and try it. I always was one of those guys who just try to flame mac users, and mac computers. But I changed. A lot.

I dont see my macs as normal pcs. They are part of my quality of life. I do like them. No major flaws, all works good, its fast, it looks great, it works 100%, 99% of the time. So, why do I need a PC?

I use my notebook for almost 4 years now, probably more than 12 hours a day. Its always on, running high on everything.

And, I still play games. Ofc not all games work on a mac. I could even install windows and run those games, but why?

Its not Apple’s fault that most of the game companies never do Mac versions. On the other hand, there are some great game companies that actually do it, like Blizzard.

I have been playing their games for years and its enough for me. I have a Wii at home that I can use to play other stuff, and I even have a older pc at home for my car games (since I bough a well that costed lots of cash and its has drivers for PCs only).

I switched, and I’m happy. The worse is, mac haters. “They” hate us just because they are jealous and most of the times, they dont know it. It sucks to have a pc when it is just a problem maker, while those happy-looking ppl use macs…

I dont care. Im happy, and i dont really fell like having a pc again. I am now a converted mac user.

And no, I dont get any money from Apple aswell. I just like them, because they seem to like me too. And if you ask me, we dont need a lot of more pc lovers joining our “world”. We are already quite happy as we are.


I had been a Mac user for a long time and went to PC because of my wife.

About 16 months ago I bought her a very expensive Sony Vaio running WinDOZE Vista. What a HUGE mistake. This thing is such a piece of crap that it is unusable. I did not buy her a Mac because of the extra cost.

I got absolutely no help from Microshaft or Sony.

I wanted to load XP and Sony said it can’t be done, I found out it can be done but very difficult because of how Sony configured it and I would have to spend a bunch more money on a copy of XP and lots of time or pay a shop $140 for the conversion, that is $250 to downgrade to XP.

I did spend money and time upgrading RAM and doing a clean install of Vista and downloaded latest drivers with no help.

Sony now says it can’t be upgraded to Windows 7 but Windows 7 upgrade adviser said it could be, I guess Sony just does not want to spend the money to support this. As if I would spend a $120 more to fix their (MS) mess.

If they let me downgrade or upgrade for a minimal amount I might not be so pissed off but these greedy aholes want to extract every cent from their customers/victims as if they don’t have enough money. What a bunch of crap.

I loaded Ubuntu (Linux) on her laptop and it is very fast so I will use it as a Linux machine and buy her a Mac. No more MS crap for me.

Mac’s are great and Linux (i.e. Ubuntu) is free, blazing fast, secure, very stable, compatible, comes with a free Office suite that is MS Office compatible, and did I mention FREE. This is a no brainer, why would anyone ever pay M$ for their inferior crap ever again.

I know IT people that have switched to Macs at home because they were spending so much time and money maintaining their crappy PCs.


this is funny…

it’s like mac users do not need friends… since they are in love with their machines.

If all macs are tweaked to perfection (meaning all are the same), it doesn’t seem made for each user specifically.. how lame.

There seems to be alot of myths about the PC by those who left PCs to

Macs… it’s like someone brilliant said:

Macs and PCs are like automatic and standard cars. Once you got that standard going you unleash alot of power ;-) but not everyone can drive standard cars.


You have obviously NEVER owned a Mac or used one for more than a few minutes. I made the mistake of wasting my money on a WinDOZE Vista POS and what a mistake.

Get some experience on something before expressing your stupid opinion.

So how long have you been a moron or are you a MS employee trying to spread MS propaganda?


I think its a personal choice between MAC and PC and I couldn’t care less if there are people who don’t like or even hate Macs…. I’m happy as a pig in mud with my Mac and who care what others think, like or dislike …. it makes no difference in my happy Mac life ;-)


Well, regardless of how you feel about your boyfriend, or how many games you play, or how people you try to dissprove in an obnoxiously long comment, we can agree that mac is different. and sure its a ‘major corperation’ but unlike so many other corperations they sell something that it so worth it, something that someone can feel secure owning. the guy down the street at bestbuy could maybe care less about that laptop he sold you last week. That same laptop that takes 10 min to start up, 5 min to open anything,and crashes after a week of owning it, bringing way to many hours wasted just sitting and waiting. these boring, souless computers have no place in so many peoples lives already. So why do you care if we’re happy about something that has always let us down?
From what I’ve experienced and read about countless other people experienced; vista should have never been made. it just sucks up more space and its cleverly modeled like a spin off of a mac. you can’t deny that. Its still useless, and frustrating, but now they just look despirate. Imagine every single time you are frustrated with your PC’s preformance. every time. sadly its so dissapointing that if your computer were to freeze, it would just be another ‘whatever’ mistake. what about when it takes forever to load anything? every single frustration is completely eliminated with a mac. no more waiting, programs you will accually use, no need for that pesky and expensive vrius protection that never works anyway. Its hard to imagine if you’ve only owned PC. its unthinkable, but its true. When you come home and groan because you need to spend two hours at that huge, loud mess of cords that is a PC, you need to understand that that is a problem. And it can be fixed.

regardless, ive been a mac user for a few years now and it has honestly made me a better person


i currently used 2 laptop, a dell inspiron(win.) & a new macbook. I’m still studying. I used software occasionally wamp, vb, premiere, photoshop, flash, fl studio. Due to that i left my macbook to dust at home. It seems very hard for me to adapt to mac.

i just use my mac for browsing internet, listen music, thats all. Y ppl love it?idk, yea it gd looking but its troublesome(for me). I dont even have a game in my macbook.

I’ve installed parallel os(win) on my macbook. When i run win on it, its sooo slow. I cant even play/install a mini game such as reflexive arcade’s. I also installed office in mac, and its, yes SLOW(compared to other laptop w/ same spec).

kinda regret buying a macbook. I could buy 2 laptop rather than 1 macbook. Or i could buy 1 laptop and 1 large monitor. T.T But after studying maybe i’ll be using my macbook again just for photoshop i think. If i can remember where i put it.

To all mac lovers, please help me how could i enjoy my macbook?
do u play any games on ur mac?
oh please!


I love my boyfriend NOT MY MAC, but it is still on of the most precious material stuff I have.
Macs are better then PCs (at least for me its a fact).. they dont crash or get viroses, they run so much faster too.. Dont talk about games, we are talking about machines with working proposes… and mac is the best for it.


Comparing macs and PCs is like comparing toy electric RC cars and 1:8 nitro buggys. Yes the former is easier to set up and you’ll probably be using it in a shorter period of time but for sheer power, adaptability and usefulness you can’t beat nitro RC.


How much we have been payed? well it’s a secret actually, but but you wanna want to know i can tell you – actually i got 3.529 million (!) – Steve Jobs personally came in his limousine and delivered the cheque! That’s not bad for a couple of line of text hugh!?

Actually about the mac love, generally loving a computer is a bit bad, i mean i like my cat more than my ibook; satisfied – is a more correctus word. I mean when i had PC it was a love/hate relationship, kind of like with a woman that demands too much attention from you (no offence made :D) and just sometimes refuses to cooperate. Boy i am happy i gave up my beloved PC box – no more twicking with cables, things dropping off, and those sudden misalligned cooling fan noises – i have more time to code, write and learn new stuff now!

Fiery flames

I love my Mac. I’ve used PCs and I knew the guts of them. My Powermac Mac plays nice with them. The Intel Mac I use plays even more nicely, running Windows as it does. There is nothing I need it does not do. I push the limits, too.

Let’s notice; You buy what you want to do what you want. My Mac does it all and lets me focus on doing it. It is a tool that serves me, instead of the other way round.

I can’t see why I I’d want a PC at work (I do a lot of data transfer and database work) but I use them there. Out of the box my Mac would do what the expensive PC software which is quirky, does. I could train people in an hour with a Mac. It takes a week on a PC.

The tool must fit the job and my Mac fits every job I have to do. The only reason they aren’t used at work is this irrational fear of the Macs not playing well, which, with OSX Server, is utterly false.

To each his own


My post will involve responding to quotes previously posted, and kicking the living shit out of them…

Let’s begin with the blog. How much money did Apple pay you to write this? It is completely anti-intellectual* and cultist.

“PC users like PCs. They enjoy using them, building them, tweaking them. Some may even develop a special liking for a certain machine. Mac users on the other hand, love Macs. We feel a connection to every peice of hardware and software. It speaks to us, becomes a part of us.”
What exactly are you trying to prove, beside that fact that you have been completely brainwashed by the bouncing beachball? Guess what.. I love my PC. Wow, it is so shocking!! But… my case doesn’t match my GUI? How can you love something so disturbingly ugly.

“Our own machines become our sidekicks, our best friends.”
And who is calling PC users and PC gamers geeks? You fell in love with a computer. It is your best friend? Wow. I realize you are making a point of how much more alluring a Mac interface is, but please… relieve us sensible folks from your distasteful and elitist statements.

“Apple focuses on us, the user. Everything is tweaked and tested and re-designed until it is truly a beautiful peice of art.”
Again, how much are you getting paid? Really..

“From the ease of use of OS X, to the “heart beat” every machine shows when it sleeps, Macs are more human than PCs can ever be.”
You are humanizing a machine made of metal and bumps on a hdd! Again, this word choice and alluring qualities you state Macbooks have remind me of those of Mao Zedong’s “Little Red Book.”

“Apples dedication to providing quality products that makes this relationship work.”
Sorry to be cold, blunt, and even rude, but Apple, as well as every other big corporation, makes their products for profit. There is no special relationship… that is clearly just a marketing technique.

“macs allways have a special place in our hearts. This love drives us, and drives this blog. It is a huge part of out lives, and we couldn’t ask for anything more.”
You just made me barf on my keyboard. Thanks allot…

And now the commenters…

“Ever since I switched from PC to Mac, I’ve never looked back!”
Ever since i went black, i never went back! (From family guy) Once you turn black, you go deaf! Sorry, i just had to post this…

“I’m a recent convert from PCs to Macs”
Choosing a brand of computer is hardly on the same level of importance that choosing a religion. How very geeky of you to attribute your mac in religious terms.

“The PC will stay, but will probably be relegated to just being a “games” machine…”
Key word here is -probably-. As like any other successful corporation, they will change to the peoples needs. Right now, it seems that vista has met those needs. I found no one who thinks that the vista aero style in explorer windows is uglier than the mac os x gui. and since pcs are more abundant, it is unlikely that most “make the switch” or “convert”, as you mac ‘worshipers’ like to say.

“I can do SOOO much more with a PC”
Brain is right. And only intelligent people like that idea. The 100 IQ majority will choose mac because they are “sooo pretty.” Mac gui is the opium of the masses…

“I’m big into video games, and macintosh is not good for video games.” With the reply: “maybe you should put away the joystick and start living? i feel sorry for you guys. is that really your only form of entertainment? c’mon get a girlfriend.”
What other argument would you expect from a mac user who constantly moves from fad to fad with his group of mainstream friends, listen to their mainstream 128kbps music on their itunes, constantly trying to find themselves. ever see those pot-smoking above-the-influence commercials. that guy holds the flag is _not_ you… ok, so, i am obnoxiously stereotyping you.. but you were sereotyping gamers.
please, you cannot hide the fact that gaming is a form of entertainment that many are into… however deep. mac gui is more of a resource hog than windows will ever be because microsoft is smart enough to allow their users to tweak xp to highest performance.

macs suck for gaming. windows can be tweaked. windows have an excessive amount of media players(that is music and video players) that have much better benchmarks than your pretty itunes. But everything on my computer MUST begin with an i!! i cannot take the individuality!

a geek is much more individual than you can ever be. i am not talking about the anti-social, nerdy, wear-a-collared-shirt-to-school guy that society has brainwashed you to classify as a geek. i am talking about the highly intelligent, moderately social knowledge seeker who has a higher level of a thirst for knowledge and learning than you can ever obtain. (now i have cleverly generalize the object of my criticism in this paragraph in such a way that if you do take offense, ..well i think you know)

To quote from a friend, “Macs slogan should be ‘Think differently by thinking just like us!'”

“what does it matter anyway, we all die at the end of the day…”
then why live for tomorrow?



You’re talking about your Mac as if it’s a beloved your pet dog or something. I love my Macbook but neither my best moments involved it…

Anyway to respond to Klein neither Dell nor HP PCs ship with floppy drives as standard anymore. The one thing I’ve used a floppy for in about the last eight years was to reinstall Windows XP on a SATA hard drive. Yes, you need a floppy (or a slipstreamed CD), a USB stick won’t do.

dre dogg

never once has my mac crashed, never. maybe you should put away the joystick and start living? i feel sorry for you guys. is that really your only form of entertainment? c’mon get a girlfriend. oh and floppy drives?? are you serious. it’s 2006 dude, get a flippin jump drive.


I will have to agree with Brian all the way. Macintosh is just an inferior machine. I’ve had a macintosh for about a year now, and the thing can’t stop crashing. I’m big into video games, and macintosh is not good for video games. They shouldn’t call it an entertainment machine if it’s not as good for entertainment as windows based PC’s. I’d have to say, windows based machines are far more superior than un-upgradable macs. Plus, NO FLOPPY DRIVES? macs are inferior. I’m sorry folks. They just plain suck balls.


“NO FLOPPY DRIVE” are you kidding me. They haven’t made floppy drives for a long time.

Someone once told me something very cool: “the way you judge is the way you are” so you must suck balls, probably a lot.

You are an idiot and Mac’s are far superior to the PC crap, especially WinDOZE Vista which is a total failure, even Lord Ballmer said so.

If Mac’s suck then why is everyone running from there Vista PCs as fast as they can to Mac’s.

Now go suck Brian’s balls and he will probably reciprocate.


I am a recen convert, and I will have to disagree with all of you. What can I say other than I really miss my PC. Macintosh is just soo… lame. Mac seriously sucks compaired to the PC because I can do SOOO much more with a PC, and PC’s are upgradable. I guess macs are for stupid people. I’m going back to PC as soon as possible.


Do some research before you type! macs are very upgradable for smart, and stupid people. Only a idiot would post mac bashing on a mac board!


You dont like using mac so?why associate ppl that use mac with your hatred with mac?

if someone hate the letter B…he/she doesnt have to hate you


I am a recent convert as well. I actually bought my first Mac (Powerbook) this past weekend! So as of today I have been a Mac owner for 4 days and I am loving it! I can’t believe it took me 2 years to get one. I stated thinking about purchasing a Mac 2 years ago.

I have to say that I can see myself using a Mac as my primary computer. It is just so easy to use. And sooo pretty.


I’m a recent convert from PCs to Macs. Whenever I can, I now use my PowerBook in preference to my desktop PC. The joy I derive from just opening my PowerBook far exceeds any joy I have ever had from the building, tweeking, and use of a PC, whether it be running either a Windows or Linux variant. The PC will stay, but will probably be relegated to just being a “games” machine… for everything else, I’m now a Mac user through, and through.


I cannot agree more. Ever since I switched from PC to Mac, I’ve never looked back! It’s already been 5 years… What can I say, I love my Mac!

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