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Jk_icon_100pix_1Blogs like jkOTR provide a great vehicle for people like me to talk about the things I am passionate about and get feedback from visitors.  The only thing this format is missing in my opinion is the structured forum that lets members talk about the articles that appear on jkOTR and other topics that interest them.  In an effort to provide a place for us like minded geeks to hang out and shoot the breeze I am happy to announce the grand opening of the jkOnTheRun Yahoo Group!  All articles that appear on jkOTR from now on will have a link at the bottom directing you to "Discuss this article in the jkOTR Yahoo group" to provide an easy way to organize the discussions and hopefully encourage a healthy discussion on the topics of the day.  Of course you are free to continue to use the Comments link for each article to post here on jkOTR.

Membership is required (but free) to join the group to keep spam down but if you are familiar with Yahoo groups you already know this is a painless process.  Please join me in the group and remember the forum is really for you so feel free to discuss anything that interests you.  One of the joys of the online community is getting to know the "regulars" and developing good friendships along the way.  If you want to join up now just go here.  I chose Yahoo Groups as the host as it allows you the members to tailor the forum experience to your liking.  You can even interact totally via email if you choose to go that route.  Besides, Yahoo is free.  :)

As always I am very interested to hear what you think about this site and how it can be improved so let me know your thoughts!  I really enjoy doing this and hope you will too.  See you there!

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