Apple Takes Care of It’s Fans

Merlin Mann has a terrific weblog called 43Folders that’s GTD (Getting Things Done) centric, but also heavily favoring Apple’s OS X. There are non-Apple readers of the site, but mostly things revolve around Macs. Great reading when you’re through with TheAppleBlog. ;)

Anyway, like many groups, Merlin made the effort to round up the 43Folders fans for a meet-up at MWSF. He got the place, and found that the group could ‘rent’ a wait-person and space for the time they would be there. He took up a collection from the planned attendees, which was to go to the wait-person’s tip and reserving the space. The amount was to be $110.

Here’s the cool part where Apple comes in: Either one of the followers of 43Folders is an Apple employee, or somone made some calls to Apple. Whatever the circumstances, Apple picked up the $110 reservation tab!

Yeah, I know, it’s only $110 out of Apple’s pocket, but the fact that they (someone at Apple) cared enough to support a group of it’s followers is just super cool in my book. Maybe they do this for a lot of the meet-ups that are planned…? Anyone know?

Anyway, just goes to show how cool Apple is on a more personal level.


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