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Apple Takes Care of It’s Fans

Merlin Mann has a terrific weblog called 43Folders that’s GTD (Getting Things Done) centric, but also heavily favoring Apple’s OS X. There are non-Apple readers of the site, but mostly things revolve around Macs. Great reading when you’re through with TheAppleBlog. ;)

Anyway, like many groups, Merlin made the effort to round up the 43Folders fans for a meet-up at MWSF. He got the place, and found that the group could ‘rent’ a wait-person and space for the time they would be there. He took up a collection from the planned attendees, which was to go to the wait-person’s tip and reserving the space. The amount was to be $110.

Here’s the cool part where Apple comes in: Either one of the followers of 43Folders is an Apple employee, or somone made some calls to Apple. Whatever the circumstances, Apple picked up the $110 reservation tab!

Yeah, I know, it’s only $110 out of Apple’s pocket, but the fact that they (someone at Apple) cared enough to support a group of it’s followers is just super cool in my book. Maybe they do this for a lot of the meet-ups that are planned…? Anyone know?

Anyway, just goes to show how cool Apple is on a more personal level.

One Response to “Apple Takes Care of It’s Fans”

  1. Thanks for sharing that (and for the link), Nick.

    As you say, it wasn’t the amount so much as the fact that a fan & friend of the site had the presence of mind to offer it.

    I feel like Apple’s gotten where they are largely by sweating the small stuff. Things like this make me feel they’ve got elves all over making smart micro-decisions–as well as, I suspect, actively encouraging their folks to support the communities that love and promote them. Classy move, AFAIC.