An iTrip for your desktop and laptop.


Those with iPods are probably already familiar with the Griffin iTrip, or one of its counterparts, and know that you can use it to stream your iPod’s music over a nearby FM radio. Now Griffin has taken that same idea and applied it to Macs and PCs with their new RocketFM desktop FM transmitter for desktop and laptop computers. Need wireless speakers for your next presentation? Bring this along with a radio. Want to sit in the backyard and listen to music from your laptop, but over better speakers? Go for it. Want to see how your latest GarageBand track might sound over the radio? Here you go.

The question mark in my mind is range and power. The iTrip seemed to have about a three foot range in my testing, which is why it’s so great for the car. Will the RocketFM have better range? Stay tuned.

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