What’s Wrong With This Picture?


Can you tell me what’s wrong with this picture? iPod Shuffle Ad
Ok, maybe it’s just my interpretation of this Ad image. But what is the girl looking at? There’s no screen on the iPod Shuffle. Plus, with only 5 buttons (which come in a very common configuration) I don’t think it’s necessary to look at the ‘Shuffle when using it.

I guess I just think there could have been a more well thought-out ad put together for this awesome new product.


Jo Tampas

And I thought it was more obvious than that – it says iPod on the back of whatever she’s looking at. That’s what I thought was wrong with the picture.

Josh S.

I knew that would be your response–mine has a screen too–but I don’t look at the screen. I look at the buttons.

I completely understand your point though, as you do mine. :)

nick santilli

Chris – lol
Josh – actually my home phone does have a screen, and i use it to pick the number from caller ID that I want dialed (I’m lazy). But when I use my tv remote (which has tons of buttons and no screen) I don’t look at it, because I know where the buttons are that I want.

But I know what you mean. I’m sure if/when I have a Shuffle, I’ll look at it when I use it too. Just was in a mood when I posted this this morning. ;)

Josh S.

She’s looking at the buttons. Do you ever look at your home phone when you dial? There’s no screen on that either, and you’ve been using that for decades! :)


You can’t see her eyes, but I know for a fact that she’s looking at me….

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