More Mac Mini Thoughts


Reading (more and more all the time) about the Mac Mini, a thought just hit me.

With all the new Mac users this machine will attract, these previous windows users will have one litte niggle to get used to right off the bat:
There’s no eject button. Not on the machine, and if you’re using your old PC keyboard, not on the keyboard as Apple usually provides. The only way to eject a disc will be through the desktop gui.

Maybe something worth mentioning to your friends who are looking at Apple computers for the first time.

Also – who out there has heard of the Mac Mini (current Apple customer or not) and not said they’re getting one? Seems to me that about 1 in 10 aren’t impressed with it. Man this thing is gonna be big. (yet it’s so small…)


Kenneth John Moyers

ah, but what if you are trying to install Windows XP for use with Bootcamp? The mac software isn’t there to recognize the F12 key’s function. I am in fact in exactly this catch-22 at the moment. I understand them extending the Keep It Simple Stupid principle to the eject button, but they could at least leave in the emergency pin-hole, that nearly ALL other CD drives have.

nick santilli

hm, dunno about the F12 key. never tried it.

my 3 year old son is way into my computer already (that’s my boy!)
The Mac mini with the roll-up, rubberized (indescructible) keyboard and a mouse would be awesome for him. (and a good excuse to get one and play with…)

Josh Pigford

Good point about the eject button. As far as who is/isn’t getting one. I’m not. I doubt I ever will. I’m impressed with it, yes…but I have no use for it. To little power/speed and not near upgradeable enough. Is it perfect for my mom and my grandmother? Yes. Does it meet my needs? No.

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