I now present, for your reading delight, The Blog of Steve Jobs. It seems that he and I share some similar opinions about communism and the head of M$.

EDIT: At the very bottom, it says, “a parody”. But I’m not sure…wouldn’t Steve have sued them by now?


luis fernando

Worse, The Steve sued them. The site is down now….

Josh Pigford

Gotta be fake. Otherwise Steve Jobs has the vernacular of a 13 year old boy. First post every made on that blog: “Gave great keynote today, though the guy from IBM was stinking. Have to get rid of those fans too, otherwise the design of the G5 is f**king gorgeous.”

Are you kidding me? And why on earth would Steve Jobs have Google Ads on his blog…as if he needed to make a few extra bucks.

Can’t wait for Apple to bust this guy…granted, like you said, you would think they would have been sued by now. It is over a year and half old.

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