Jobs vs. Gates


In the past week or so, we have seen keynote speeches from both Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs, and Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. Gates’s CES keynote was filled with negative comments, including his comparison of “free culture” advocates to communists. Job’s speech, on the other hand, brought nothing but joy and happy-happy feelings into the world. So, I figured I’d do some research and see who really is the more hated man. Using Google Smackdown, I entered various phrases, and was greeted with results of which phrase came up more on a google search.

Round 1 – Evilness:
“bill gates is evil” (171,000)
“steve jobs is evil” (92,800)
Most Evil: BIll Gates

Round 2 – Sucky-ness:
“bill gates sucks” (61,900)
“steve jobs sucks” (31,800)
Most Sucky: Bill Gates

Round 3 – Resemblance to the Dark Lord:
“bill gates is satan” (49,100)
“steve jobs is satan” (30,000)
Most Satanic: Bill Gates

Lightning Round: Corporate Evil:
“apple is evil” (518,000)
“microsoft is evil” (490,000)
Most Evil Corporation: Apple Computer

Over all horrible person: Bill Gates

As you can see, Gates beat Jobs in all of the categories. This is just more conclusive evidence that Bill Gates is truly the most evil CEO in the computer industry.


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I don’t normally comment on blogs but your post was a real help. Thank you for a great topic, I will be sure to bookmark your site and check it out again. Cheers, Amy xXx.

Sam C

If Microsoft was shut down tomorrow, where would you be? What state would the world be in? If it wasn’t for Woz, there would be no Apple. If Linux would get away from the dumb ass X-Server, more people could run Linux. Google owns the web, and they are the number one reason that you have so many pages that are nothing but link farms. Adsence doesn’t make for better advertising, it make it easy for the average guy to set up thousands of link pages that link to thousands of link pages, and you are left still searching for what ever you want. Gates doesn’t even use Windows.


What’s more controlling than Apple? Want a good example? How about you not being able to buy an iPhone with cash? You can only buy it with a credit card, because Apple wants to keep track of you!
People only buy Apple products because they look awesome. That I have to agree. Apple kicks ass on designs. But the performance is absolutely lousy (not to mention it’s waaaay more expensive).


2,160,000=steave jobs evil
2,110,000=bill gates evil



Quote: “He [jobs] hasn’t done any charitable work. Apple has no idea what customer service is.”

and your recon that gates really does charitable work…. he donated jack s***, he would get the majority of his money back on tax so it means nothing to him to donate 100,000, plus he makes what he donates in a year in a day… so really he is donating less that 1% of his wage…. so you cant really say much for Gates either…….

and on customer service…. i have 2 macs and a macbook, i had a problem with my macbook and it got fixed no worried, no questions…. i have had my ipod mini for when they first came out… and NEVER had a problem…so you must have just been unlucky

but this is a sort of funny….

oh and Blargh since you want to add more….

And the undisputed champion is…
Apple rules (32,300)
microsoft rules (31,300)

and one more

microsoft Sucks (94,100)
Apple sucks (40,100)

just since you wanted to add more to this debate… *shrugs*


MICROSOFT SUCKS!!! everything that the have is a copy from apple only that microsoft makes products that crash all the time and always freeze, Bill Gates and Microsoft are really the most evil of all times. Steve has the most coolest things like the ipod and the new iphone, microsoft just copies from apple and makes a product that is more cheap but has awful quality and not as many features, a good example would be the stupid zune which no one has it because it is so crappy. The ipod video has more features like downloading games, can use it like an external harddrive for your computer and reads more audio formats, so it doesn’t matter what people say, APPLE ROCKS, and apple is also the most original. MICROSOFT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bill gates is definitely evil. he deliberately put “tenticles” in his software from the very beginning that looks for his and only his software or else the machine crashes. he’s worth billions yet still charges hundreds for his crap. yeh, he is evil alright. he’ll burn in hell.


Steve Jobs is a f’in wanker man. He hasn’t done any charitable work. Apple has no idea what customer service is. Ipod’s are = to my excriment. Apple garuntees 4 yrs of life and covers you for a year (convenient for them) cause after one year, ohhh my ipod died. The hard drive clicks and it is irreplacable. Walk in to the apple store and they say u have to buy the new one. F that man. Thats just corporate manipulation and if u endorse that kind of dictation you might as well give them 399 anually.


Hey #1 Blargh……McDonalds has a HUGE percentage of America’s “dining out” market…. and yet they still serve tons of toxic shit to the ignorant, moronic, and indiscriminate masses of clueless morons that make up the bulk of this great country…… You are obviously among them. Hey Einstein, just because the masses buy Chevys… and only a few purchase BMWs….. doesn’t make the fuckin’ Chevy a better car…… you friggin’ genius…….


Steve Jobs is definetly the better and less evil of the two. Although Gates has 90% of the market, what Jobs has done with Apple is far greater than what Gates could’ve done with anything. Apple is a more user friendly and thought out company, while Gates just sucks at making a cool smart computer.


if any corporation is evil it has to be Apple. My reasoning is that in the garden of eden the symbol for temptation was an apple. If that doesnt show they are evil then i dont know what does. It would be reasonable to assume that the CEO of an evil corporation like apple would himself be evil, but i will leave that decision up to everyone else.


“Windows has 90% of the market”

Yes but Satan gets 90% of the souls, coincidence? I think not.


Here’s something to add to your dumb ass comparisons:

Ultimate Round: Who’s better
“bill gates rules” (1870)
“steve jobs rules” (508)
More liked person: Bill Gates

Overall conclusion: Bill Gates is far more popular than Steve Jobs in all category


That’s some dumb ass logic. Windows has 90% of the market – of course you’ll get more search results under Bill Gates! I’m amazed, however, how many results Steve Rim Jobs has despite the fact that Apple has a miniscule portion of the consumer market. This shows that Steve Jobs is actually far more sucky and evil than Gates.

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