Jobs vs. Gates

In the past week or so, we have seen keynote speeches from both Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs, and Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. Gates’s CES keynote was filled with negative comments, including his comparison of “free culture” advocates to communists. Job’s speech, on the other hand, brought nothing but joy and happy-happy feelings into the world. So, I figured I’d do some research and see who really is the more hated man. Using Google Smackdown, I entered various phrases, and was greeted with results of which phrase came up more on a google search.

Round 1 – Evilness:
“bill gates is evil” (171,000)
“steve jobs is evil” (92,800)
Most Evil: BIll Gates

Round 2 – Sucky-ness:
“bill gates sucks” (61,900)
“steve jobs sucks” (31,800)
Most Sucky: Bill Gates

Round 3 – Resemblance to the Dark Lord:
“bill gates is satan” (49,100)
“steve jobs is satan” (30,000)
Most Satanic: Bill Gates

Lightning Round: Corporate Evil:
“apple is evil” (518,000)
“microsoft is evil” (490,000)
Most Evil Corporation: Apple Computer

Over all horrible person: Bill Gates

As you can see, Gates beat Jobs in all of the categories. This is just more conclusive evidence that Bill Gates is truly the most evil CEO in the computer industry.


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