I am selling the Sony U70

U70_022U70_pics_020_1Due to the financial situation I detailed last month it is with a heavy heart I am going to sell the Sony U70.  I am offering it to readers here first before going to eBay in an effort to sell it quickly.  The Sony is without a doubt the most productive device and computer I have ever owned and frankly I have put off selling it but now have no choice.

The Sony I am selling has been perfectly maintained and is a very solid running device and I also have a cache of accessories.  I would like to sell everything in one package if possible but will let the peripherals go individually as a last resort.  Here’s what I have to offer:

Sony U-70- 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz, Windows XP Pro (I will take the Tablet OS off since it is only licensed to me), full set of recovery CDs, full set of Sony apps/drivers, under Sony Japan warranty through Kurns & Patrick

  • Fin stylus
  • Carrying case for U
  • Carrying case for folding keyboard
  • Japanese folding keyboard (usable with English)
  • Dock- 3 USB, 1 firewire, ethernet, VGA out
  • Extra AC adapter (third party)
  • Extended battery
  • PCGA-DDRW2- CD/DVD burner (bootable in the dock)
  • PCGA-DVD1/A- CD/DVD player no burner (bootable in the dock)
  • VGP-CKU1 case with integrated stand

I do not like screen protectors and have not used one with the Sony and the screen has some usage marks that are only visible when the device is turned off.  They are not visible at all when the screen is running and do not have any affect on using the device.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone to pick up a Sony U70 that runs perfectly and has been properly maintained from someone you know who will be around after the sale.  The sale will go through PayPal and I will ship it at cost based on the shipping option the buyer prefers.  Prior to shipping I will rebuild the U with the recovery disks so you will receive the unit exactly like the new ones.  If you are interested please email me with an offer for the above.  I am looking to sell it quickly so you can have a Sony U70 in just a day or two if your offer is the right one.

Note:  I have not posted a bunch of photos here as this is the device used in every article I’ve written on jkOnTheRun and there are literally dozens of photos of this exact device.  Look under the Sony U category for all the articles in one place.  Thanks.


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