I am selling the Sony U70


U70_022U70_pics_020_1Due to the financial situation I detailed last month it is with a heavy heart I am going to sell the Sony U70.  I am offering it to readers here first before going to eBay in an effort to sell it quickly.  The Sony is without a doubt the most productive device and computer I have ever owned and frankly I have put off selling it but now have no choice.

The Sony I am selling has been perfectly maintained and is a very solid running device and I also have a cache of accessories.  I would like to sell everything in one package if possible but will let the peripherals go individually as a last resort.  Here’s what I have to offer:

Sony U-70- 512 MB RAM, 1 GHz, Windows XP Pro (I will take the Tablet OS off since it is only licensed to me), full set of recovery CDs, full set of Sony apps/drivers, under Sony Japan warranty through Kurns & Patrick

  • Fin stylus
  • Carrying case for U
  • Carrying case for folding keyboard
  • Japanese folding keyboard (usable with English)
  • Dock- 3 USB, 1 firewire, ethernet, VGA out
  • Extra AC adapter (third party)
  • Extended battery
  • PCGA-DDRW2- CD/DVD burner (bootable in the dock)
  • PCGA-DVD1/A- CD/DVD player no burner (bootable in the dock)
  • VGP-CKU1 case with integrated stand

I do not like screen protectors and have not used one with the Sony and the screen has some usage marks that are only visible when the device is turned off.  They are not visible at all when the screen is running and do not have any affect on using the device.

This is an excellent opportunity for someone to pick up a Sony U70 that runs perfectly and has been properly maintained from someone you know who will be around after the sale.  The sale will go through PayPal and I will ship it at cost based on the shipping option the buyer prefers.  Prior to shipping I will rebuild the U with the recovery disks so you will receive the unit exactly like the new ones.  If you are interested please email me with an offer for the above.  I am looking to sell it quickly so you can have a Sony U70 in just a day or two if your offer is the right one.

Note:  I have not posted a bunch of photos here as this is the device used in every article I’ve written on jkOnTheRun and there are literally dozens of photos of this exact device.  Look under the Sony U category for all the articles in one place.  Thanks.



What would you do if the internet crashed for good? Would you get used to life with less communication and less “being connected” or would you be pretty bummed for the rest of your life?

This is assuming it was not fixed. Perhaps some largescale EMP attack or something that crippled it for the next 50+ years or so.

Noel Andrews

Hey there all,
Have just come across this site in search of some specific info on the power requirements of a U70! I need to know the DC voltage that it draws when charging. This will normally be stated on the charger unit itself along with an ampage! (sorry current!). If anyone could provide me with this value it would be truly fantastic! I am a final year university student here in the UK studying Aerospace Systems Engineering! This last bit of info is troubling me greatly!! Hope someone can help…off for a wander round this great site now!! Cheers


does anyone know if the u70p recovery disks work on a u71p
as i have the japanese version & can’t use a lot of the software


Well, I need to follow JK’s lead on this one. Beginning of the year finances are forcing me to get rid of my U71. I have the PC itself (30 GB HDD and 1.1 GHz Centrino) plus the extended battery (with a handy detachable stand I
made myself) and the Sony DVD-CDRW (PCG-CRWD2).

For anyone who is interested, I have it on ebay:


Thanks for your interest.




I asked about the bluetooth keyboard, mouse and Billionton CF card because I did not see them listed in your description. Please let me know if you will be selling these as well.


Thanks very much, Fernando! If I can’t sell the entire package at once I will certainly break it up and let you know.


Hello JK:

I also made a donationof $50; this is a great site!!! One question: are you planning to sell the BT keyboard, mouse and CF card that worked so well with the U? If so, please let me know.

Thanks and see you in the blog.


Thanks a lot, Joe! So you think the small screen of the U is too much for your eyesight but you got one for your Mom? :)


OK, Wendy, you’re right. I also just PayPal’d $25. I got more consultation that that, but hey, I’m cheap. JK: Really admire the tone of your writing. Very respectful and never heavy-handed. Of course, it’s the tech judgement that is most valuable (though I didn’t follow your advice to get a Tablet for communicating with 95-year old Mom, got a U750P, easier to put in front of her). No one seems to mention U750P eyestrain, so I take it I’m a little too old for this thing–thank heaven for Liquid Surf, even if it does require several clicks on each page. Good luck with the deadbeat client.


This is horrible.

I wish others would help you out or the company paid you…Pay It Forward.

Hang in there.


WendyD, thank you so much!

Mike, in typical dramatic form, I see. Thanks for your support in other ways.

Mike Cane

My God! This is just awful. Why, it’d be like Steve Jobs switching to Windows!

Speaking of which, that Mac Mini makes me think of dumping Windows and all its problems. Which means I probably will have to kill my OQO/U lust (why would I want to bring desktop problems along WITH me?).

Apple must do a Mobile Mac, dammit!

I wish I too could contribue financially, but I can’t at this time. You should be able to keep that U, dammit. You are The U Man!


Well, that doesn’t stop ME from asking! LOL I’ve just made a $25 donation, and would encourage anyone who feels as if they have learned as much from this site as they would have from a manual or book (which would be at least that much AND out of date) to contribute also. Good luck, jk – whether or not you keep your U, I will still look forward to visiting your site.


WendyD, thanks for the great support. I have a few articles still to come about the U- they are mostly finished and I should get them up soon. I really don’t want to ask everyone to donate again. The support to the original call to donate was wonderful but it would not be right to do it again. I will still stupport and write about the U, don’t worry, along with general mobile technology stuff. I still have a good network of friends that own Us so my information will still be fresh.


arebelspy, if I was getting another computer today it would be the U. Hands down for the sheer utility it has provided me. My Tablet answer above was if I was getting a Tablet which one would it be.


What a shame! I have loved all the entries on your blog about the U, and they have provided me with a lot of help. Better than any other resource I’ve found, including the Yahoo Group (more user friendly and w photos). Isn’t there any way to keep it? Maybe if we do a “call to arms” and ask everyone to donate the amount proportional to what they’ve learned about their device through your entries? I bet we have 200 users who’ve gotten $10 worth of knowledge. Or 100 with $20 of knowledge. That would give you around $2000, probably what you’re asking for the U. Would that help? Or do you also want to be able to get something else in the future instead of the U? Personally, a donation would be a fair price to learn about emerging technologies and software and how they work with/on the U. I check your site several times a day, and it’s my main resource for U info.


So you’d look at a slate rather than another UPC, or would you get a Sony U again? Any particular reason? Theoretically if you got paid by the previous client a month from now and was looking for a new computer..



I am partial to the slate form factor so I would probably look at the Motion M1400VA or the Fujitsu today. Although a lot of my friends swear by the convertibles like the Toshiba M205 so I can’t say for sure. You’ll like the TC1100- it’s a great Tablet with a nice size for portability.


I see, I was just curous what your choice would be. I was almost going to buy a U71P looking at this site. But I changed my mind any bought a tc1100 today because I saw your post that MM does not work 100% on the U. Thanks anyway for your great reviews on tablet PCs.


I will eventually get a Tablet PC but that is not possible at this time. What I eventually get will be determined based on what’s available at that time.


Are you going to purchase a new tablet PC? If so, which one will that be?

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