Firefox watch


I have commented in the past on the rising popularity of the Firefox browser among the many visitors to jkOnTheRun and I have decided to create a historical picture by posting the browser share graph every week or so.  Here’s the graph of today’s visitors by browser share:




Oh, yes, I forgot Opera (and one of the first Mozillas and I can’t remember what it was called) on my list!

And yes, Opera is very good in many ways. Maybe it is time to try it out again.


Try Opera:

It renders Web pages A LOT faster than Firefox and IE by A LOT.

Plus it has the ability to fake out Web servers to believe that Opera is really IE 5.x or 6.x…so your Web logs may be skewed.

This option is great for Web pages that are IE-bigots and I haven’t found an ActiveX or .Net component that doesn’t play well with Opera…It’s IE on crack. ;)

Opera also has a PPC and SmartPhone version coming out.

And Tabbed browsing is awesome.

All of the M$ haters have collectively hyped Firefox-Mozilla (aka Netscape), but if you use Opera for 5 minutes you’ll see that it’s better for the reasons I listed above.


True, but I like my home page which works on any browser I may meet in future; I have many pop-down menus for different things: news, tech stuff, research, photo, chess … and when I move to different platforms, things are never compatible.

First I used Lynx, then I used a Sun browser (whatever that was), then I used IE, then I used Netscape, then I used IE, now I use FireFox and heaven knows what or when I change next time. On top of this I used different browsers on Unix, Linux and Windows. Nah, a webpage is universal.


I use Firefox for all web-browsing, except when doing the “morning round”: on my internal home page is a popdown menu that contains all the sites I visit every day. In IE, I can after clicking Back, rotate to the next site with the mouse wheel. In Firefox, I can’t do that.

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