Creative thinks the industry will laugh at Shuffle


Looks like Creative Technology thinks Apple’s new flash MP3 player is out dated and a joke.

Sim Wong Hoo, Creative’s CEO, says that Shuffle is was “a big let down” to him. Creative has less than half of the market share that Apple has in the MP3 Player market, but they are Apple’s closest competitor. Mr. Sim believes that Shuffle is 5 generations behind in it’s technology and he makes reference to how Creative put out an MP3 player they put out 4 years ago that had almost the exact same features.

Mr. Sim also makes the statement that ” it’s worse than the cheapest Chinese player. Even the cheap, cheap Chinese brand today has display and has FM.”

Creative Technology is prepared to spend one hundred million dollars in marketing along for their MP3 players this year and they believe that will bring their market share up quite a bit.

From my point of view, what Creative doesn’t have going for them is branding. Apple whipes out practically all it’s competitors on branding alone. Creative seems to think that if they drop a few bucks on marketing that they’ll automatically be thrown into the front lines of MP3 players. They seem to have forgotten of a little gadget called the iPod that took the market by storm. Good luck beating this one Creative.

–Thanks to Jimmy L. for the heads up on this.



Sick of this debate.

Muvo is heavier than shuffler.
It’s full of bugs.
It’s filmsy compared to shuffler.

Shuffler might not be something new in the product in term of specifications and use, but the brains of operating it and its syncronization with an OS is unchallenged by the muvo.

So what if the muvo was 4 years ago? It wasn’t a fantastic product. It wasn’t exactly a breeze to use either.

I’ll stick to shuffler for this, Mr. Sim, you’ve disgraced Creative for such an immature press statement.

Not hard to decide who’ll win this war, just like how I’ve tossed the muvo into my trashcan 3.2 years back


I agree with the comment above, people want easy stuff, with iPod you can just plug it in and with iTunes you can do whatever you want. With a normal mp3 player, they have to go to windows explorer and find the file they want then copy and paste.. blah blah…

iPod has an image. When someone has an iPod – you think that they’re cool. If u have creative, no one will really care. I am sorry to say that Creative will laugh at themselves when iPod shuffle takes over the market. For me, I would choose Creative over iPod, simply because of the technology.


I would have thought that a much bigger problem with the Creative unit was the flexibility of adding songs to it.
The one thing you can guarantee with an Apple product is that there will be software to support it, and adding tracks to your Shuffle through iTunes is going to be easier than laboriously copying them across by hand and creating manual playlists.

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