All this Apple Hating…

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Guess what is the most popular thing to do in the blogsphere? Hating Apple! Ever since the company sued a bunch of sites – PowerPage, Apple Insider, and ThinkSecret – and unnamed people – people think it is time to teach them a lesson and boycott their coverage etc. Jason is dropping his Apple blog – whatever! All this hating is good and it is time to be more critical of Apple and its coverage, given all the gushing. Jeff says, “Steve Jobs and Apple are control freaks.” Oh and George Bush and his peeps are not? Come on that’s how the news makers play the game. News breakers, play the game by breaking their control. When the news breakers, in this case the three fore mentioned sites, get sued for what they do best – break news about Apple – they go to court, where it will eventually be decided that Apple is wrong and the news breakers are right. Sanctity of sources is going to be held by the US justice system. Its an all familiar story and part of the business of news. Bloggers who want to be journalists have to learn that it comes with the territory. As a reminder, these three sites – enthusiast news sites – were around before blogging became hip, and bloggers became citizen media.

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I read a few of the blogs you mentioned and found them pretty amusing. People certainly do get worked up. :-)
If I was Apple, I’d sue to. Doesn’t mean I’ll win (who knows though). But I would be guaranteed to be putting a scare on leakers. They’ll definitely have a few second thoughts the next time they think about doing it.

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