A useful WiFi detector.


Seen the various WiFi detectors floating around the Expo floor? Intego has one, Marware has one, and other manufacturers are getting into the act. But they all seem to share one limitation: they don’t really show anything besides an open network’s signal and what general direction it’s in. I’ve always wanted more information about the wireless networks being found by these dongles, information that the dongles are not set up to provide. Is the WAP protected by WEP? What’s it called? What channel is it running on?

Canary Wireless has finally come up with what I’ve been waiting for with the Digital Hotspotter, their next gen wireless detector. This detector provides me with the information I’ve been looking for, as well as providing information about individual wireless networks in areas where multiple networks are present. At present, they’re backordered until next week, but I’m seriously thinking about getting one.

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