WiMAX, its all about the partnerships


If you are looking for WiMAX gear it is unlikely you can buy anything right now that is WiMAX certified. But that doesn’t stop companies from announcing alliances. The latest one apparently is between Alvarion and Lucent Technologies, according to some news reports from Israel. You are likely to hear a lot about it on Wednesday when the two companies are going to make a lot of polite noises and say something to the effect: Alvarion will OEM WiMAX gear for Lucent Technologies, thereby getting an entry to the highly coveted and private club called the incumbent phone companies. Lucent could also help get Alvarion into China, where its efforts have been a bit of a blah! Earlier there were reports that Alvarion has tied up with AT&T. Well that’s not the case, though technically Lucent was once part of the AT&T empire.

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