So what does Creative think?

thum_zenmicro_p.gifI just got off the phone with Phil O’Shaughnessy, spokesperson for Creative Labs, the only real competitor to Apple in the digital music player business. Sure there are others like iRiver, Rio and Virgin, but they are so back in the race, that one needs binoculars. Anyway I asked Phil what he thought about the iPod Shuffle? “We had a barebones flash player three years ago, and the retainers didn’t like it because the end customers wanted a display,” he said. “It (iPod Shuffle) is an antiquated product and I surprised how limited the offering is.” Phil thinks listening to music on shuffle is like “listening to a radio.” I also wanted to know why Creative sold 2 million shares in SigmaTel, perhaps because they are now selling chips to Apple? Nope – he says that company still has 3.7 million shares and it is just taking some profit here for its strategic portfolio. Creative Labs press release here.