One Costly WiFi Connection


Sydney Wi-Fi provider BigAir will sell you a 10 megabits per second connection if you want, but it will cost you a whopping $499.95 per month. Downloads are limited to 100GB. Now even if those are ozzie dollars and worth well maybe a keg of Foster, it still is a lot of money. We in the states should be grateful that we can get a six megabits per second connection for around 50 bucks.


Jesse Kopelman

Om, it’s not even about deals. In many places the network capabilities are not there for 6Mbps. In others, lack of competition keeps anyone from offering it. Sad to contemplate, I know . . .

Om Malik

Actually I know that Ozzies don’t drink Fosters hence the joke… bad pun i guess. Sorry about my terrible sense of humor

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