Mac Mini’s Got Me Thinking


No, the Mac Mini is not a major powerhouse (though it’s got a faster cpu than my 17″ powerbook!), but it’s got potential.

I’m just messing around here, but think of the possibilities…
A “Big Mac Mini” cluster….hm, cool idea at least, maybe not hugely functional but the space issues are interesting…

Man, I’ve gotta work, but now I’m just day-dreaming about all these awesome new things to look forward to from Apple.

Oh, and Scoble mentioned the Mac Mini, and then made [an attempted] comparison to the cheap wal-mart pc’s. Hmmmm, Seems like Apples and oranges to me (pun intended).



hey, great, thread spam!

anyway, I love the people who are comparing the cheap PC to the mini. it’s like how I always compare my XBox to my PS2.

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