Keynote notes.

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This report may seem a little scattered, due to my trying to type as fast as I could as the keynote progressed. It looks like the rumors were mainly right on, especially with the Mac Mini and the flash-based iPod Shuffle.

Steve’s out on stage.

He’s talking about the new London Apple Store, the new G5 iMac and the rave reviews it’s gotten.


  • Apple’s most successful OS release
  • 10.4

  • 5th major release of Mac OS X
  • First half of this year release date (when I talked with a vendor out on the exhibit floor, they said that they were told 2nd Quarter ’05)
  • Steve’s talking about the number of new features (available on the sneak peek on the website.)


  • Apple’s new metadata search technology.
  • Searches metadata tags (indexing needed, done automatically.) and pulls it up through Spotlight.
  • Changes to files result in Instant updates to the metadata index maintained by Spotlight.
  • Searches for images, contacrs, images, Events and ToDos, Mail messages, and PDFs
  • Showcasing “Smart folders”, where you can save Spotlight searches to the Finder window bar (where the home folder aliases live.)
  • Steve disses Google’s and MS’s desktop search tools. Also, as part of the Spotlight demo, it looked like Mail’s interface had been revamped as well. Presentation Mac locked up during Spotlight demo, Steve switched to a backup Mac using a KVM switch.


  • Spotlight built into Mail as well, making for really fast searches.
  • Smart Mailboxes, for Spotlight searches, built into Mail.
  • Has slideshow capability for emailed images, including a button for sending an individual photo to iPhoto through clicking an on-screen button.
  • Quicktime 7

  • H.264 codec built in.
  • MPEG4- compliant.
  • 24 channel sound.
  • On-screen controls for full-screen display.
  • Smooth playback, even when re-sizing the display window, thanks to the H.264 codec.
  • Dashboard
    Steve is showcasing a number of widgets, including ones for online dictionary/thesarus, iTunes controller, airline flight tracker, Stickies, calculator, calendar, translator widget, unit conversion (Imperial units to metric), currency conversion, world clock, address book, yellow pages, weather. Steve says that hundreds of developers are working on widgets.


  • Audio chat with up to 10 people simultaneously (including originator.)
  • Video chat with up to four people (including originator.)
  • Uses H.264 codec for compression.
  • Steve shows off a four-party trans-hemispheric iChat video conference.

    End of Tiger.

    HD (High Definition Video)

    Talking about Final Cut Pro HD.

    Final Cut Express HD

  • LiveType for animated titling.
  • Soundtrack for cistom music.
  • FC Express – $299 in Feb, $99 upgrade.
  • iLife
    Steve’s talking about iLife ’05.
    iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand and iTunes.


  • Much better searching.
  • More formats.
  • More powerful editing tools.
  • Advanced slideshow options.
  • New books and book designs.
  • Adds searching by calendar view.
  • New formats supported by iPhoto

  • Supports MPEG-4 movies, allows captures from DV cameras.
  • Supports RAW.
  • Adds an editing Dashboard to iPhoto, with additional color tools. Shows up in the editing tools as “Adjust”.
  • Steve shows off the new book designs that you use to have your iPhoto libraries professionally printed.

  • Print price from iPhoto cut to $0.19 per print.
  • Hardcover books still offered.
  • Adding a softcover 11×8.5.
  • Softcover 8×6
  • Pocketbook size 3.5×2.6
  • iMovie

  • Dramatically faster.
  • Non-destructive trimming.
  • More transitions and effects.
  • MPEG-4 video.
  • Magic iMovie (makes your movie for you.)
  • Edits HD video.
  • Steve introduces Kunitake Ando, Sony’s president, to talk about his company’s new video products. Ando’s talking about how great his products work with Apple. Tweaks Steve a bit about their products’ competition.


  • 15 new themes.
  • Animated drop zones.
  • OneStep DVD creation.
  • Now supports all DVD formats.
  • Steve shows off the various new themes, showing how you can have movie files working side by side with stills for the title page.
  • GarageBand

  • Up to 8 track recording.
  • Real-time music notation.
  • Pitch and timing fixing.
  • Vocal transformer.
  • Create your own loops.
  • More features.
  • John Mayer makes his second MacWorld appearance to help demo the new GarageBand.

    iLife ’05 – $79, goes on sale Jan 22nd. Free on all new Macs.

    Successor to AppleWorks.

    Keynote 2

  • 10 new Apple-designed themes.
  • Presenter display.
  • Self-running kiosk mode.
  • Compatible with AppleWorks, PowerPoint, Flash, and PDF.
  • Pages, Apple’s new word processing program.
    Steve says that Pages is word processing “with an incredible sense of style”

  • Supports all the features you’d expect in a word processing program.
  • 40 Apple designed themes in Pages.
  • Pages uses Lorem Ipsum for the templates, allowing fonts and spacing to be pre-set in the templates.
  • Compatible with AppleWorks and Word, as well as makes PDFs.
  • Priced at $79, available Jan. 22nd.
  • Mac mini

  • Looks like the “headless cheap Mac” rumors were right after all.
  • Tiny, tiny, tiny Mac. It’s about twice the size of a man’s hand.
  • No keyboard, mouse, or monitor.
  • DVI and VGA compatible.
  • Ethernet, Modem, Firewire, USB, DVI, VGA.
  • $499 for the 1.25GHz model with 40GB HD.
  • $599 for the 1.42GHz model with 80GB HD.
  • Available starting Jan. 22nd.
  • iTunes
    Steve’s talking about how well the iTunes Music Store is doing, and how the iTunes Music Card did well this past Christmas season.
    iTunes Essentials on the Music Store being revamped today.


  • 2003 – 733,000 iPods sold for the holiday season.
  • 2004 – 4,500,000 iPods sold for the holiday season.
  • 500% growth over a year.
  • Over 10 million sold. 8.2 million sold in 2004 alone.
  • iPod car kit

  • BMW sold out of its iPod connection kits.
  • Mercedes, Nissan, Volvo, Scion now also offering iPod connection kits in the US in 2005.
  • Alfa Romeo and Ferrari will also be offering them in Europe.
  • Cell phones

  • Motorola iTunes compatible phones available in Spring 2005.
  • One more thing…..

    Flash iPod – “iPod Shuffle”

  • Based on shuffle.
  • Weighs under an ounce.
  • Can also be based off of a playlist, and turn off shuffle.
  • Can also be used as a USB flash drive, and can be hung around your neck with a lanyard.
  • 512 MB size – Cost $99.
  • 1GB size – $149.
  • Shipping starting today.
  • iPod Shuffle Accessories

  • Armband
  • Dock
  • Sports case
  • Acessories will be $29 each, rolling out in the next four weeks.

    Steve thanking the Apple teams that made all the new products possible.

    John Mayer comes back up on stage to perform.

    That’s all from me for the Keynote. I’m heading down to the floor next to see what the vendors have brought to the show.

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