Live Coverage of The Keynote

live updates as we get them:

– Yes we know we screwed up on the shuffle pic, it was an error. We have sooo many links floating around.
– Shuffle shipping TODAY!
– We will have pics of mini iMac and Shuffle ASAP
– $149 for 1 GB, $99 for 512MB
– Shuffle mode
– Click wheel
– No display
– One ounce
– iPod Shuffle
– Steve bashes other flash players
– Talk of flash iPod
– iPhone out in spring
– iPhone will have motorola brand
– Phones are next
– $499: 1.25GHz 256MB/40GB More memory and larger hard drive for $599. Will ship on January 22. Ships in a box smaller than the regular iPod box.
– $500!!
– Looks like the iHome
– Its TINY!
– Mini iMac
– Pages
– Keynote 2
– $79 for iLife ’05, free on all new macs
– more Garabdand Demouing with John Mayer
– New Jam Pack called Jam Pack 4, Symphony Orchestra
– John Mayer and his Stupid Mouth on stage ;]
– GarageBand: vocal transformer
– GarageBand: real time music notation. pitch and time fixing.
– GarageBand: “best pianao we’ve ever shipped”
– iDVD done.
– iDVD: baby mobile theme. crowd loves it.
– iDVD demo: DVD-r, DVD +r, DVD -rw, DVD +rw supported. onte-step DVD from DV footage
– silver box on stage with logo
– Steve is filming him! “year of HD at home” “quality software is the glue”. Grand Wega TVs. Blu-Ray
– iMovie upgraded: edits HD video. Magic iMovie, MPEG4, more transition effects.
– iPhoto photobook: new pocketbook format!!! more sizes now available as of launch. 20 pages for $10, $20, $30
– more on iPhoto: Ken Burns effect added to slideshows
– iPhoto demo over
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U2 music playing … more music …
band on the stage
– Jobs speaks about Apple success/firsts
– PC MAG gives iMac G5 5 stars
– iMac G5 best-selling computer
– Tiger to ship in first half of this year.
– 14 million panther users
– steve jobs is covering spotlight: most important feature of tiger
– demoing Address Book
– steve found bug in spotlight, joked it off
– audience is liking spotlight demo. steve just made a screen saver of album artwork using spotlight.
– spotlight makes search INSTANT, and always fresh, as soon as data is saved
– spotlight built-in makes searching email an instant SNAP.
– Smart Mailbox based on search rules, watches for keywords. All instant, thanks to spotlight.
– quicktime 7 to be relased with tiger
– H.264 codec in quicktime 7, for next-gen DVDs, video conferencing, cell phones.
– dashboard being demoed
– dashboard: language translator widget
– dashbored: more widgets … lah lah.
– iChat: 10 ppl audio conference. 4 ppl video thanks to H.264. DEMO IN PROGRESS.
– tiger will ship LONG Before longhorn.
– 2004: Year of High Definition Editing. Introducing Final Cut HD
– seamless integration with iMovie and Motion
– final cut HD available feb. for $299, upgrade from express for $99
– final cut express now $100
– iLife 05: leading the digital media revolution
– iPhoto demo started
– iPhoto has subfolders support. Calendar view. MPEG4 movie support. Supports RAW format, like high-end digicams. Dashboard integration.
– iPhoto slideshows: fit to music length
– iPhoto: more controls over picture editing
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I realize it’s a bit last minute with the Keynote happening in less than an hour, but here goes.

We’re hoping to have a couple of our contacts who will be attending the Keynote Speech, updating an iChat session named (appropriately enough) theappleblog.
So check that iChat room and hopefully by the time we get up and running, our Johnnys-on-the-spot will be hooked into the chat as well. Cross your fingers.

And, for those of you (like our own Dan) who will be on the go, and not near a computer, but have a WAP enabled cell phone, Brian Stucki is your best friend today. Point your WAP-enabled cell phone at his WML, mobile friendly page and he’ll be updating it live from MacWorld San Francisco!
His cell phone/PDZ friendly update page is:

T-minus 45 minutes…


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