Live Coverage of The Keynote


live updates as we get them:


We’re hoping to have a couple of our contacts who will be attending the Keynote Speech, updating an iChat session named (appropriately enough) theappleblog.
So check that iChat room and hopefully by the time we get up and running, our Johnnys-on-the-spot will be hooked into the chat as well. Cross your fingers.

And, for those of you (like our own Dan) who will be on the go, and not near a computer, but have a WAP enabled cell phone, Brian Stucki is your best friend today. Point your WAP-enabled cell phone at his WML, mobile friendly page and he’ll be updating it live from MacWorld San Francisco!
His cell phone/PDZ friendly update page is:

T-minus 45 minutes…



nicely done apple! is fully updated. store in particular is seriously overloaded.

is it just me or did this site stop updating after the comment about pics?


Yo dudes, keep it coming, you’re doing great. Thanks, this is excellent coverage. I enjoy your enthusiasm and I’m getting the same hits on the irc… Keep it up…

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