Flash in an iPod

ipodshuffle.jpgiPod Mini must be feeling like the middle child – ignored. iPod gets all the kudos and the brand recognition, and if my initial reaction is any indicator, then iPod Shuffle, newest and the cheapest iPod is going to get a lot of love. From not just Apple freaks but also from those who have been lusting but could not afford the hot device of the decade so far. Steve said Apple has sold 10 million of iPods (though he is keeping the 10th million one. I think he should auction it on eBay and give the money to Tsunami victims!) I think by end of next year he would have sold twice as many iPods, thanks mostly to the cute, and sleek and well sexy… iPod Shuffle. The minute I saw the little sucker, I could hear the collective groan of all Flash-based MP3 makers, who must be wondering what next. Creative and others were quick to put out press releases saying they have sold 2 million Flash-based Mp3 players. I also see it as a good option for the USB drives I carry around. You know they are good, but not great. So you can get iPod Shuffle, listen to music and well store some documents as well. All for $99! I see the competitors react by countering with one weapon they have in their arsenal – price!