43 Folders- good site, good people


I enjoy anything that jogs my brain with ideas regarding productivity and one of my favorite web sites for that is 43 Folders.  43 Folders is the brainchild of Merlin Mann and is a rich source of tips, ideas and information relating to being more productive.  If you are a fan of David Allen’s Getting Things Done (I’m not as I reserve the right to procrastinate) you already are no doubt a regular visitor to 43 Folders, but if not you really should stop by and see the vast amount of useful tidbits that can help you get more organized and more importantly enjoy doing it.  The initial post that describes what the site is all about says it best:

"What I am is a big fan of tiny improvements. And cool tricks. And time savers. So, whenever I find a neat little bauble or a sexy new hack, I’ve tended to barrage my unsuspecting friends and email-list associates with lengthy, structured TMI breakdowns and tutorials. (Sorry, guys.)"

There is a tremendous community that has gathered to this site and it is a joyful experience to participate in.  Tell them jkOnTheRun sent you (just realize they won’t know who that is).

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