The true Nick dePlume has been unmasked?


Now we know tomorrow is the big MacWorld show where Apple is going to show its flash iPod and the headless iMac. The same stuff that landed poor Nick dePlume in hot water and got Apple’s legal beagles chasing after him. The funny part is that he has been a bit hard to track down. Apple sued his site, ThinkSecret, and a gentleman by the name of Nick Ciarelli. Now another online publication has tracked down Nick to his hometown in New Woodstock, NY. Now this could be true, or not true. I don’t have a clue. I followed along the research these folks did, but stopped at the newspaper level, because well… its late at night on the east coast right now. But boy this is sure worth a read.

According to the story, Nick is a “freshman at Harvard, founded his company before he had finished the seventh grade. It is likely that his entire company was built from the ground-up on Macintosh computers.” According to a local publication, the Cazenovia Republican, “Ciarelli is the founder and publisher of an online investigative news publication. He has developed a solid track record for accurate and exclusive reporting, increased readership and traffic, and great yearly revenue through advertising sales.”

The irony of this whole thing is that tomorrow the big story is not going to be the flash-memory based iPod but who really is Nick dePlume! And 60 minutes, here is your next great correspondent – a boy who knows how to sniff out stories!



This is ‘notthehobbit’ from

You’re right, Ryan, DaringFireball did mention Ciarelli’s name before I wrote my article, however his identity had never been confirmed and no one had done any digging on the subject. The Harvard Crimson published their article a full two days after I published mine. However, the Crimson is taking the credit.

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