Microsoft Voice Command 1.5 released


Microsoft has updated the Voice Command program to version 1.5.  The new version adds a number of new features including spoken caller ID and support for Windows Media Player 10.  The update is free for registered users of earlier versions and you will find complete program information (and video demos) on the Voice Command web site.  Complete list of program features after the jump.

  • Voice-Controlled Hands-Free Phone:
    • View contacts with a single voice command.
    • Place phone calls by name with a Phone Edition. ("Call Jeff Smith")
    • Place phone calls by number with a Phone Edition ("Dial 425 555 0137")
    • Callback and Redial the last caller.
    • Incoming calls are announced by name or number with a Phone Edition
    • Missed calls are announced by name or number with a single command
  • Voice-Controlled Calendar Lookup:
    • View your calendar with a single voice command.
    • Have the subject, time, and location of upcoming appointments read to you.
    • Appointment reminders will read the details of your appointment aloud so you do not have to look at your screen to find out what is coming up.
  • Voice-Controlled Media Player:
    • Use your voice to select the music you want from your collection by album, artist, or genre.
    • Choose to control your music with your voice or use the large button interface just like radio buttons on your car stereo. (portrait display size 320×240)
    • If you are listening to new or unfamiliar music you can ask "What song is this?" and the name of the song and artist will be read to you.
  • Voice-Controlled Utilities:
    • Start any program in the Start menu or programs folder, such as Inbox, Calculator or Solitaire.
    • Check signal strength, battery level, time, and day by voice
    • Low battery level alert by voice
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