Badges? You need your steeking badges!

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One thing to watch out for, for first-time MacWorld attendees, is making sure the color-coding on your badge and badgeholder match. Noticing a problem at the registration desk will save you trouble later.

The MacWorld organizers were a little disorganized today with badges and it took me about three go-arounds to get set up with the correct badge. It’s also pretty important to make sure that they give you the right badgeholder along with your conference badge, as it turned out that the MacWorld registration people had given me the wrong one initially. I didn’t catch this, but my fiancee was curious as to why her exhibitor badge said “olive” in a bottom corner while mine said “violet” while it was sitting in a pink badgeholder. The reason for the colors is that MacWorld has everything color-coded in terms of access and your badgeholder matches up with your badge to show what access you have. I’m signed up with the Combo package, which is the purple badge holder, and among other things gives me priority seating at the Keynote. They first gave me the pink PowerTools badge holder, which doesn’t give priority seating. The confusion that happened to me today will probably happen again tomorrow when more people start registering, so double-check your badge before you walk away from the registration desk.

Another good thing to know is that if you’re a conference attendee, you need to register at Moscone North. If you’re a exhibitor or media attendee, you need to register at Moscone South.

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