Why Sony technology scares me


What I found in the kitchen this morning when I got out of bed:


The really scary part is how Rambo got up on the counter.


Mike Cane

THAT explains why you bought the U. Don’t you know Aibo contains Sony Influenceware? PS: It also watches you while you sleep!


Kwon, I am still evaluating EverNote and will be writing about it soon. The most recent beta version is quite nice, BTW.


Bill and Kwon, my wife gave me the Aibo for Christmas a couple of years ago. She bought it used on eBay.


I meant to ask you, JK, whether you’ve looked at EverNote again. I know you’ve got Tablet OS but the continuous ream of paper metaphor is much like how a blog is run. My own experience has been very positive and I think it would add much to non-tablet Vaios.

Also, have you tried any blnetooth headphones since installing it on your U70?

Bill Kervaski

Ha! You geek! I can’t believe you bought a robot dog!

I have two of them, (sigh) .. And an ER1 .. Two sumobots .. Astromech R2-D2 .. it’s pathetic, really ..

I try to compensate with good looks. Maybe they’ll look past the techno-dork .. jk


p.s., If you every programmed Open-R, the transition is complete and there’s no turning back, you’re a geek.


It’s the most funny post I’ve seen since I started reading about digital technologies.
With regards,

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