How to buy a company for $1.5 million


Here is a lesson in math 101. Tut Systems, which has been in a bit of a funk for past few years announced that it is buying CoSine Communications for about $24.1 million. By doing so, it will get about $22.75 million in cash from the deal. So for less than $1.5 million, Tut buys Cosine. Tut CEO says he is buying CoSine purely for cash, and no other reason. They are not going to sell CoSine’s products to their customers anyway. It is not hiring the staff from CoSine. Clearly a great deal or Tut Systems. Well, the question is that why would CoSine do the deal, that I don’t understand? It has about 10.25 million shares outstanding, and if it distributed the cash – $22.75 million to those shareholders, they would get about $2.21 a share. So this deal essentially ensures that share holders get a shade under $2.36 a share. The stock is trading at $2.74 a share. Anyone have some thoughts on this?


Scott Rafer

Yes, but who would buy allof those Shares? Another way of saying that is that the shares would Start selling–then…drop when allof the very 4ew buyers “had their share”

Om Malik

You might want to look at other balance sheet items such as accounts payable, loans outstanding, before making this conclusion

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