Comcast VoIP takes on Bells


Comcast is all set to roll out its VoIP service and take on the Baby Bells, according to those in the know. The company is expected to announce the news later today, reports investment newsletter Comcast is the last of the major cable companies to announce a VoIP offering. The company plans to charge $39.95 a month for its unlimited calling plans but that price is only for the subscribers of its broadband service. The pricing, however could become a deterrent for consumers to sign-on since even with Comcast broadband, offerings from Vonage and other service providers are atleast $15 a month cheaper. “The company will have to lower its prices to be competitive and, quite frankly, we’re surprised by the high price point of the initial offering,” says Ben Silverman, a contributing editor to “However, the price point does serve to indicate the confidence with which Comcast is deploying the service.” This could be the last shoe to drop before Comcast rolls out its Four Play package in tandem with Sprint. Eventually, Comcast could end up squeezing the independents like Vonage and also create deflationary pressure on the bells.

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