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Digital Music Changes Everything

Bubble Generation’s Umair Haque, has an excellent essay on the future of digital music and how connectivity is going to change the demand and distribution mechanics of the business. The essay contends that clubs could become distribution channels, and we could end up introducing each other by beaming songs and using music as a “personality card.”

Music has always been an object of social consumption – connected players will transform the value equation, like connected gaming is transforming the gaming value equation….. when you go to a club, you can get the DJ set or selected tracks beamed into your player. This is a natural evolution for clubs, the most iconic of which (Tresor, Ministry) have evolved naturally into labels with dedicated shops. There are huge synergies here – we go to clubs to hear the tracks DJ’s have selected – that’s the value they add.

Interesting idea, and I shudder, if some hottie beams me Ashlee Simpson, I have to assume that there is a lot she is faming!