Top tips for OneNote


OnI was wandering around the Microsoft web sites today and ran across an article I had not seen before.  The "Top tips for OneNote" is an excellent source of how-to and tricks for making the most use of your experience with OneNote.  This article is highly recommended for anyone that uses OneNote and wants to get maximum productivity out of it.  There are tips in the following categories:

  • Tips for taking notes
  • Tips for working with lists
  • Tips for working with hyperlinks
  • Tips for using note flags
  • Tips for using and creating stationery
  • Tips for taking audio and video notes
  • Tips for organizing and managing your notebook
  • Tips for sharing notes
  • Tips for using side notes
  • Tips for protecting your notes

As you can see there is quite a vast collection of information in this article so don’t miss it.  My favorite tips from the article:

  • Taking screen clips and inserting them into OneNote even if you don’t have a Tablet (I didn’t know you could do this without a Tablet)
  • To create a link to any section in your notebook, type file: and then type the section’s file name and extension (for example, to create a link to the General section, type

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