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So not the iPhone

Russ is so right. The so called Motorola phone with iTunes support is not the iPhone of our dreams. It looks tacky and well, in words of Guru Beattie…

Look at the UI – it’s the same ugly, unusable, user-hostile Motorola UI that’s found on all their phones. Yes, the screen shots above look superficially like the iPod Photo UI, but you can see Moto’s UI peeking out from below: the font, the soft buttons and the physical menu button below the screen give a clue this is just a Moto phone with FairPlay DRM support and little else.

This is a phone only Bill can love!

2 Responses to “So not the iPhone”

  1. Baby steps, Om, baby steps. If someone would have told you a year ago that Apple was even considering putting some of their expertise into the cell phone industry, you would have been pretty happy about that.

    This certainly isn’t what we all want, but it’s a step in the right direction. Patience…