Semsons CF to PC Card adapter keeps you connected


Semson1Semson_2_1We are beginning to see smaller PCs like the Sony U  that have integrated CF slots but no PCMCIA capability due to the small size of these devices.  Many owners of Sony Us would kill to be able to use their Sierra AirCard to provide wireless connectivity when WiFi is not available.  There is a solution that you should be aware of that allows the use of these wireless PCMCIA cards on devices with a CF slot.  The Semsons Compact Flash to PC Card Adapter is an economical solution to this problem.  The unique card fits into a Type I / II CF slot and provides a PC Card slot on the other end.  The middle of the gadget is flexible rubber which allows you to fold the whole thing back behind the UPC or Pocket PC making it somewhat smaller and easier to work with.  I have heard from a number of Sony U owners that use this with the Verizon AirCard to provide constant wireless connections to the Verizon NationalAccess network and they swear by this solution.  The card is on sale at the Semsons online store for only $19.99 making this a real bargain.  Note that for Pocket PC use your particular card must provide Pocket PC drivers in order for this to work.  The Semsons should work with any 16-bit PC Card (which is most of them) on any Windows XP based device.



Duh, it works with only 16 bit cards. Evdo is 32 bits. NO SOLUTION FOR EVDO, PERIOD! U owners want Evdo, not the horrific nationwide access.


i I have a Vaio U 50, verizon wireless pc card. I bought the semsons cf to pc card adapter. everytime i connect the pc card to the computervia the cf card adapter, my computer freezes up. It unfreezes, when I remove the card. The wirelss card works fine with other laptops without the adapter

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