mBoom, no mBubble


Russ thinks there is a mBoom. “There’s so much buzz in the valley for mobile tech right now it’s insane, and the din is getting louder every day,” he says. I say, its’ an mBubble. Just a rabble rousing thought.


Om Malik

Big difference is when the VCs started plowing dollars into start-ups in reaction to the market, that is called a bubble. having said that, there is tons of companies which are out there doing their thing already. so i guess you missed the sarcasm. in case you want to look up, u can read my story from two years ago, on why wireless is the next big thing, and no i don’t mean wifi. or wimax

Anthony Eden

Yes, and personal computers will never take off either…and this whole Internet thing I’ve been hearing about, what a farce!

Seriously, all you have to do is look at the number of devices sold in conjunction with the serious lack of content in the US mobile market and it becomes easy to see where Russ is coming from.

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