Engadget has pics of what could be the headless mac. There were “real pictures” of the iMac G5 floating around before its release, which turned out to be fake, but these look real. Check them out!



I just got an Ihome for Christmas and when I first pluged it in it was working perfectly and playing music, but now I tried to play music and it doesnt work. I’ve read and read the directions and I am not doing anything wrong so I dont know what the problem is.. Can anyone help me?


Our iHome is not working. When I put my iPod in it it doesn’ charge and won’t let me play songs in it. It simply says “AUX” in the box where it should say iPod. Can anyone help?


They’re fake. They just are. First the use of the british spelling of center, second, the crummy, styrofoam that just doesn’t look right, third, the apparent slapping on of a printed label to the box, fourth, iHome is just a dumb name.

Part of the niceness of the “i apps” is that they are simple verb sentences ala “I Photo” “I DVD” “I Mac” wherein the nouns are made verb like saying “I Google”. But, there is no elegance in using “I Home”. And one thing Apple does is elegance.


Getting debunked now – one, the box art would be upside down if carried by handle, 2 Centre spelt incorrect for a US product and finally, the pics are in a lift (elevator) surely a nod to the iMac spoofs?

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